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St. Joseph’s College (SJC)


St. Joseph’s College is a Catholic, undergraduate, liberal arts college on the University of Alberta campus. It also serves as a residence and place of worship. It is affiliated with the University of Alberta and the Archdiocese of Edmonton, and is currently operated by the Basilian Fathers. Its courses, residences, and campus ministry services are open to all University of Alberta students, and all of its courses are 3-credit University of Alberta Arts electives.

St. Joseph’s College is committed to engaging with and promoting the Church’s traditional openness to exploring the unity of Faith and Reason. Its academic programs are supported and enhanced by a worshiping community, campus ministry programs, and residences for both male and female students. An inclusive community open to all, the College strives to contribute to the building of a world in which the common good of all is of paramount importance.


St. Joseph’s College courses are all 3-credit University of Alberta Arts electives. Additionally, it offers a B.A. Minor in Christian Theology, as well as a Certificate in Catholic Education. The College’s course topics include Christianity & Culture, History, Ethics, Religious Education, Scripture, Theology, Philosophy, and Experiential Learning, including International Service Learning courses that involve service trips to Guatemala, Colombia, and Bethlehem.

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