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International Psychology, Practice and Research N°8

Piper Journal

Christian HESLON - Editor-in-Chief (UCO-Angers, France

This N°8 of PIPER affirms its international dimension and its epistemological diversity: three research articles from Africa, psychoanalytic approaches but also studies on coping strategies, self-image or neuroscience, reading notes on technologies as therapeutic mediations and on the job of school psychologist…

In addition, two « Free Texts » (Varia), where the authors engage their points of view, one on the new faces of the propaganda addressed to the subject in the consumer societies, the other on the therapeutic fictions at the time neuroscience.

Waiting for two online deliveries (and, if possible printed) written from two days of study (New technologies, new technologies and psychology to the test of numbers), which should precede the n ° 9 to be published early 2019 this issue already gives a good overview of the vitality and variety of International Research and Practice in Psychology.



Free Debate:

Reading notes:

Authors: Collectif, Christian Heslon
Date of the document: 2018
Collection: PIPER N°8
ISBN: ISSN 2220-5411
Research: Psychology - IFCUP
Theme: Social and health Issues; More
Linked documents:
Self-Image and Voluntary Body Modifications in Women Traders in Abidjan
Profile and Coping Strategies of Job Seekers in Abidjan
A-bording the subject. A reflection on the dynamical foundations of psychoanalytical theory and practice.
Psychologist at school
The child, the robots and the screens. New therapeutic mediations.
The New Faces of Propaganda
Psychological processes and entrepreneurial intention among ivorian students
Talk about Practice. Power of the fiction and therapeutic stories at the time of neurosciences
International Psychology, Practice and Research N°7


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