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Psychological processes and entrepreneurial intention among ivorian students

International Psychology, Practice and Research, Piper 8, 2018

Entrepreneurship has a great deal of attention in Ivory Coast because of its contribution to job creation and thus solving unemployment. Psychological processes involved in the formation of entrepreneurial intention (Ajzen, 1991). The objective of this research is to understand how psychological processes such as self-esteem and the representation of the professional future determine the entrepreneurial intention of Ivorian students. A survey of 500 students from the university and high schools was conducted and the results show that such representations of the professional future and entrepreneurial environment significantly influence entrepreneurial intention of students.

Authors: ACHI Essetchi Narcisse, BONY Koffi Nestor
Date of the document: 2018
Number of pages: 16
Collection: PIPER N°8
ISBN: ISSN 2220-5411
Research: Psychology - IFCUP
Theme: Youth and Societies


Art. 091, PIPER

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