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With this platform, the International Federation of Catholic Universities created a global database of Catholic Universities, as well as a collaborative platform to facilitate Catholic Universities to establish direct contact for collaborative projects that they wish to put in place.

This project aims to improve the knowledge of Catholic Universities, and their visibility at the global level. The platform is based on:
- A global database of Catholic Universities;
- A collaborative platform, regulated by IFCU, allowing Catholic Universities, from the database developed, to submit and share their demands for collaboration
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Why this platform?

This project aims to fill a major gap that affects the legitimacy, knowledge and visibility of Catholic universities worldwide.

The project creates:

A worldwide reference of Catholic universities with reliable and up-to-date data;
A collaborative platform for Catholic universities to submit and share their requests for collaboration from the developed database in order to develop partnership opportunities with other universities, corporations and/or foundations".

What problem does this platform address?

With this project, IFCU responds to the lack of referenced data on Catholic universities around the world. Thanks to this unique tool, it would be possible to access a large amount of up-to-date and reliable data and information on Catholic universities such as: their number of students, their training offer, their activities and their news, but also to get in touch with them.

This easy and accessible tool aims to improve the visibility of Catholic universities and to facilitate the building of sustainable and solidary partnerships between "strong" and "fragile" institutions located in areas of social, political or religious conflict.

Who will benefit from this platform?

Catholic higher education mainly embodied by the universities, a true relay of the Church, whose mission is to serve societies through knowledge and formation in the tradition of Christian values.

Young students who wish to advance in life and find their place in a globalized world. They will benefit from the cooperation programmes and links forged by the universities, to train abroad, to participate in a solidarity project, but also to develop intercultural skills that are highly sought-after on the job market.

Companies wishing to enhance their image and employer brand with our universities and their student communities. This platform constitutes a global hub and a unique generator of contacts, opportunities and partnerships between companies and the 230 universities of FIUC.

Why support the WCU Platform?

IFCU would like to be able to mobilise resources to ensure the proper management and computer maintenance of the platform, as well as financial resources so that this tool remains free of charge for Catholic universities that are IFCU members, especially those that do not have international visibility and that are weakened in their mission of education due to social, political or economic factors.

How to support us?

The Platform is supported by the International Federation of Catholic Universities and the Laudato Si Endowment Fund.

You can contribute to this fund to help us provide Catholic universities with new services and tools and support projects and activities.

If you are a company, foundation or individual and wish to support the WCU platform, you can benefit from our Recognition Program.

Further Information:
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