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International Psychology, Practice and Research N°7

Journal Piper

Christian HESLON, Rédacteur en chef (UCO-Angers, France)

This is the seventh edition of our PIPER (Psychologie Internationale, Pratiques et Recherche) journal. A publication of the Sectoral Group on Psychology of IFCU (International Federation of Catholic Universities), this ‘open’ journal of psychology will offer as many of the various articles and thematic dossiers that it will receive every year and publish them online in one or other of its three languages: English, Spanish and French, if it receives the approbation of the ‘double blind’ evaluation required of any international scientific publication.

As long as these articles meet and correspond to two conditions of their positive evaluation of our Reading Committee in addition to the usual standards of form and content, i.e.:

1/ Be based on original data that are the fruit of unpublished reflections or experimentations that respect all international laws on scientific research on human beings;

2/ Are part of an epistemology, methodology and ontology of subjectivity, that make up one or other branch of psychology, be it social psychology, psychosociology, psychology of development, clinical psychology or psychopathology, psychoanalysis, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, etc.


It is on this basis that we offer you the following varia articles by Simon Konan Kouame (Abidjan), Ugo Uguzzoni and Francesca Siboni (Italy) and the thematic dossier on « perversity » led by Patrick Martin-Mattera (France).

We hope you will enjoy reading these and we invite you all to submit your texts, research work and thematic dossiers!



Dossier « Perversion »

Reading Notes

Authors: Collectif, Christian Heslon
Date of the document: 2017
Collection: Piper N°7
ISBN: ISSN 2220-5411
Research: Psychology - IFCUP
Theme: Social and health Issues; More
Origin of the document:
Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)


Piper N°7

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