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Talk about Practice. Power of the fiction and therapeutic stories at the time of neurosciences

International Psychology, Practice and Research, Piper 8, 2018

The author explains his personal vision of neuroscience, and observes abusive neuroscientific interpretations in some clinicians. He proposes hypnotic induction examples evoking the organized cerebral complexity in interactive synaptic networks. The author proposes a « neotenic transmission » of behavioral therapies, the therapist remaining an apprentice always evolving. So the therapist can retain his creativity of the clinician while avoiding the risks of pseudo-scientific interpretations

KEY WORDS : Neuromyths, induction, suggestion, synaptic remodeling, models, neotenic transmission

Authors: Alain Mouchès
Date of the document: 2018
Number of pages: 14
Collection: PIPER N°8
ISBN: ISSN 2220-5411
Research: Psychology - IFCUP
Theme: Social and health Issues; More


Art. 086, PIPER

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