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Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASEACCU)



The Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASEACCU) is a regional association of Catholic Universities in countries within this geographical area. The purpose of the organization is to promote Catholic higher education and to be a support for the local Churches. ASEACCU also aims to contribute to educational dialog on an international level beyond the Southeast and East Asian region.


Following the guidelines of the “Apostolic Constitution on Higher Education”, “Ex Corde Ecclesiae”, the purpose of the association is defined as follows:

To serve as a forum for member institutions.

To reflect on how they put into practice the ideals of a Catholic university as expressed by “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” and other official documents of the Church.

To ascertain whether they have correctly defined and continuously maintained their identity as Catholic schools.

To dialog freely and at the highest levels and to share resources among themselves and with other educational institutions and governments both internationally and in their own countries, in their common quest for academic excellence.

Means to achieve the mission

ASEACCU’s Mission to serve as a forum towards the shared goals of member institutions may be pursued through the following and other appropriate means:

A. The collection, exchange, and dissemination of information. This may be done through newsletters and other publications as well as through facilitating information networking among member institutions.

B. The organization of meetings, symposia, workshops and seminars on topics and concerns related to the mis sion of the association.

C. The exchange of faculty, administrators and students.

Mots-clés méthodologiques : Formation ; Rencontre/colloque/conférence