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Will-­‐training between Religion and Psychology in the Early Twentieth Century

International Psychology, Practice and Research, Piper 5, 2014

Edward Boyd Barrett (1883-­‐1966) was a psychologist who wrote a practical will-­‐ psychology, Strength of Will, in two versions: the first in 1915 as a Jesuit teaching at Clongowes Wood College in Ireland, and the second in 1931, having broken with the Jesuits and conducting psychoanalysis in New York City.

In both versions, scientific psychology and Catholic teachings contributed to the theory and practices of will-­‐ training.

Boyd Barrett’s treatment of will-­‐training is situated in the context of its time, one in which the will was of

great importance for character formation, education, medicine, and psychology. The roots of will-­‐training are found in Catholic ascetical practices as well as in scientific psychology.

Keywords: will, will-­‐training, Edward Boyd Barrett, Jesuits, psychoanalysis

Auteurs : Robert Kugelmann
Date du document : 2014
Nombre de pages : 20
Collection : PIPER N°5
ISBN : ISSN: ISSN 2220-5411
Recherches : Psychologie - FIUCUP
Thèmes : Autres



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