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Katholische Hochschule Mainz (KH-MZ)



Mainz Catholic University of Applied Sciences (Mainz CUAS), is a state-recognised university with faculties for Social Work, Practical Theology, Health Care and Nursing. The responsible body is the Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Bildung mbH of the (arch)dioceses of Cologne, Limburg, Mainz, Speyer and Trier. Mainz Catholic University of Applied Sciences qualifies its graduates to become technically competent and socially responsible experts and managers.

Different departments :

Palabras clave geográficas: Alemania ; Europa
Palabras clave de Actores: Estudiantes ; Docentes/Investigadores
Palabras claves metodológicas: Formación ; Cursos presenciales