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Dr. Ignacio Sánchez, President of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) and tenured professor of the Faculty of Medicine. He married to Dr. Salesa Barja, pediatric nutritionist at UC, with whom he has seven children. He studied at Sagrados Corazones de Alameda School in Santiago, and he is a surgeon and pediatrician who received his training at Universidad Católica. He is also a specialist in respiratory illnesses in children for which he received training at the University of Manitoba in Canada.

He has worked at the Clinical Hospital of the Universidad Católica as Chief of the Pediatric Respiratory Section and Pediatric Services. Since 2004, he has served as Head of the Pediatric Department and Director of the School of Medicine in the School of Medicine. In 2008 he was elected Dean of the School of Medicine.

Dr. Sánchez is part of the editorial committee of several publications and has written more than 200 articles in national and international scientific journals. He is the author of a handbook of pediatrics and of over twenty chapters of texts on pediatrics and respiratory illnesses.

He collaborates as a Board Member of the Cardinal Juan Francisco Fresno Foundation and the Obra Pequeño Cottolengo. He chairs the Board of the San Carlos de Apoquindo UC Clinic and the Board of the Josefina Martínez de Ferrari Foundation.

Dr. Sánchez assumed responsibility of the Rectory of the Universidad Católica for the current 2010 period, succeeding Dr. Pedro Pablo Rosso, who had served as President since March 2000.

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