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Executive Training

Executive Training

Following the recommendations received in the framework of this COVID 19 pandemic, the IFCU General Secretariat has decided to postpone to later dates all its activities planned for the first semester of 2020 (travel, academic meetings, training activities except for those planned online such as Webinars). We will do our utmost to replace some training sessions that were planned in face-to-face sessions with distance training.

Executive Training and Institutional Policy Department

Higher education is undergoing profound changes: the emergence of a global education market tends to modify the economic models of our universities, making managerial competence increased. Changes in access to knowledge and information, the existence of social networks and the strengthening of communication technologies are changing the relationship to knowledge and knowledge transfer; finally, the field of beliefs is transformed, and compels us to reconsider the Catholic identities of our institutions.

With a view to strengthening skills and sharing experiences, IFCU has created a Training and Institutional Policy Department, and presents a catalog of trainings to enable managers, teachers and researchers to best perform their mission within our Catholic universities.

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