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Anáhuac University was founded in 1964 as an essential element within the educational project of the Legionaries of Christ. Their foremost purpose was to elevate the human and social condition of Mexican men and women through comprehensive instruction.

Anáhuac University México North began its activities in 1964 in a house located in the neighborhood of Lomas Virreyes, with only 48 students in two undergraduate programs: Business Management, and Economics. Under the rectorate of Father Faustino Pardo L.C., the following undergraduate programs were open over the next years: Psychology and Human Sciences in 1965, and Architecture and Laws in 1966. At the same time, and thanks to the support of prominent and visionary Mexican business people, the construction of the new facilities started at Lomas Anáhuac.

1968 was a particularly relevant year, not only because it was the graduation the first Anáhuac class but also because the new campus was opened on June 4th. Anáhuac University was consolidated after those years of efforts and trust in the future and is now recognized as one of the most renowned private higher education institutions nationwide.

In 1981, the national government recognized the Anahuac quality by conferring it the Right of Autonomy and Official Validity of Studies. That same year, and with the purpose of consolidating our Institution in the south of Mexico City, Anáhuac University México South was opened. It was the first step toward the creation of the Anahuac Universities Network.

Anahuac University Mexico South started classes with the following degrees: Business Administration, Tourism Administration, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Industrial Relations. Actuarial Science, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering were added a year later.

In 2006, the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) recognized Anáhuac University México North as an Institution of Academic Excellence, endorsing its academic quality and reassuring its commitment to the education of positive action leaders. A year later, in 2007, and after its first 25 years, Anahuac University Mexico South received the same distinction.

In 2009, the Secretariat of Public Education recognized Anáhuac University México North for the quality of its programs, proving that standing and stringent accreditation bodies have accredited most programs undertaken by our students.

In the year 2014, Anahuac University Mexico North celebrated its first 50 years. It was a time to remember our history with gratitude and pride; to live our present with passion and generosity and to envisage our future with confidence.

As of 2016, the merging process between Anahuac Mexico North and Anahuac Mexico South began. Its purpose is to join the strengths of both institutions to create Anahuac University Mexico.

Source: Website of Anahuac Mexico

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