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These programs are designed to provide teachers with the keys to a successful pedagogy adapted to today’s students.

Pédagogie et technologie : vers de nouvelles pratiques collaboratives - French-speaking edition

Public: Teachers, educational consultants, documentalists, director, administrative staff and service staff
Language (s) of training: French
Duration: On demand
Venue of the training session: Intra-university program


This seminar aims to federate academic actors wishing to get involved in learning organizations inducing new pedagogical practices through tools such as Codesign, the inverted class, learning trips … It will allow participants to better understand the environment and the problems of teachers in their countries, to represent the higher education of tomorrow, to acquire educational postures and to experience a learning community.


Manon Marinière

Program Coordinator

T: +33 (0) 1 44 39 52 26


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