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Universidad de la Salle


The Universidad de La Salle is a catholic and lasallian university, founded in 1964. It is a private institution of higher education, having 4 locations: 3 in Bogotá DC- one in the downtown area, in Chapinero, and in the northern section of city. There is also a campus in El Yopal, Casanare in the East of the Country. This campus is the seat where the La Salle has developed the most innovative social and educational projects for young farmers, victims of violence in Colombia.

The University is accredited as a High Quality University by the NAC or National Accreditation Council (CNA or Consejo Nacional de Acreditacion in Spanish). It also has an ISO 9001/2008 certification.

The University has eight colleges offering 23 academic degree programs, 16 specialization programs and 5 master’s degrees. Currently, the University has 13,950 students matriculated in degree programs and 700 students in postgraduate courses. As of 2012, the University has a team of 245 full-time teachers, 91 mid-time teachers and 2 three quarter-time teachers. Of those, 209 have undefined term contracts, 29 are doctors, 194 have master’s degrees and 112 are specialists. As of 2012, the University has graduated more than 40,000 students since its foundation in 1964.

The University of La Salle is a private institution and its educational vision is based on the Christian vision of the human and his environment.

Source: wikipedia

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