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Universidade Católica de Brasilia (UCB)



The Catholic University of Brasília (Portuguese: Universidade Católica de Brasília, UCB) is a private, non-profit, Catholic University located in Brasília, the federal capital of Brazil. It is the only private University of the Federal District and lies at the 6th position among all private institutions in Brazil. It is maintained by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brasília.

In 1974, the « Catholic School of Humanities (FCCH)", with courses in Business Administration, Economics and Education is founded in Brasília to fulfill the education needs of the new capital, Brasília. The history is attached to the creation of Brasília, in the early 50’s, in order to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro to a more central location. Brasília became the major growing city in the country and the courses at the first private college of the capital (the Catholic School of Humanities) were multiplied over the years, making the University to be renamed, in 1980 as « Catholic Integrated College of Brasília (FICB)". At the end of 1994, it was recognized as « Catholic University of Brasilia - UCB » by the Federal Education Council through the Ministerial Decree 1.827 of December 28.

UCB has three campuses: the Campus I (the main Campus) is located in the city of Taguatinga away 21 km from Brasília, the Campus II Asa Norte and III Asa Sul are located in the city of Brasília. The university still counts with three associated units in Asa Sul: Dom Bosco School, CEMA and Pius XII, that along with Universa Foundation offer most part of the Graduate « Lato Sensu » Courses.The Hospital of the Catholic University of Brasília (HUCB) is also located in Taguatinga.

UCB has units of academic support, among them are: the Library System – SIBI that coordinates five physical libraries and a virtual library with more than 100,000 titles and 218,000 volumes, Software Sections (22) of which seven are public, Publisher Universa, 147 laboratories, HUCB – Hospital of the Catholic University of Brasilia, Catholic Online and Distance Education Centre – LCC / EAD that offers postgraduate « Lato Sensu » degrees, undergraduate (bachelor’s and licentiate) degrees, extension and counts with 25 poles in Brazil (21), Japan (3) and Angola (1).

Altogether UCB has an area of about 620.000m² and approximately 116.000m² built around the Federal District (Campus I, CAAN, CAAS, HUCB and associated units) area.

At the main Campus, UCB is divided in 6 Schools:

School of Health

Polytechnic School

School of Business

School of Education and Humanities

School of Medicine

School of Law

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