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Pontificia Universidade Católica de Campinas (PUCC)


PUC-Campinas has 37 Colleges with 45 Undergraduate Courses and 5 Graduate programs with courses to Masters and Doctorate level. Our teachers are highly qualified. It has a complete infrastructure and a built area of 196,000 m2, spread over its three Campuses. In its 75 year history, it has graduated over a 180,000 students. However, its quality and not mere quantity is the best thing PUC-Campinas has to offer.

A structured, recognized and well known University, PUC-Campinas brings together all the best human and physical resources needed to provide a complete and fully rounded higher education, in line with current demands and focused on the challenges of the future.

To better fill market vacancies, PUC-Campinas guarantees excellent training that leads to positions of prominence and leadership within professional spheres, in addition to promoting knowledge and furthering social involvement.


“The Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, based on the values of Christian ethics and considering the awareness and reality of the sociocultural characteristics that the mission has to produce, organize and socialize, by means of its teaching, research and scope, aims towards developing professional excellence, the complete education of the individual and to contribute to the construction of a fair and supportive society”.


In order to fulfill its institutional mission, PUC-Campinas shall guide the performance of its activities by the following values and conditions of performance:

1. Solidarity

2. Respect to pluralism and diversity

3. Environmental responsibility

4. Development with economical-financial sustainability

5. Proactivity

6. Participation and co-responsibility

7. Excellence

8. Social commitment


“PUC-Campinas shall be acknowledged by the excellence of its activities of education, research and extension; interaction with society; social relevance of its projects and development of professionals for performance at the contemporary world. It shall, still, be reference due to production, systematization and socialization of knowledge, through its university management model and creative and plural environment.”

Source: PUC Campinas Website

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