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The Catholic University of Madagascar (UCM) (French: Université Catholique de Madagascar; Malagasy: Oniversite Katolika eto Madagasikara) is a private university located in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Founded in 1960 as an institute within the Major Seminary of Antananarivo, it later became an independent institute. It gained accreditation from the Malagasy government in 2000, and in 2011 took its present name.

The university is located in the heart of Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city. The campus includes a large historic building and a sizable amphitheatre. Academics are split between four departments: the Social Sciences, Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology. The university contains a research center, publishes two scientific journals, and has partnerships with multiple international universities. The university is under the supervision of the Episcopal Conference of Madagascar, and is the only university affiliated with the Catholic Church in Madagascar.

On 2 August 2000, the Catholic Institute of Madagascar as a whole, including all its faculties and departments, received accreditation by the Government of Madagascar. In 2004, the Faculty of Social Sciences created a master’s degree program in research, and in 2005, a master’s in law and political science was inaugurated.[1] In 2011, the ICM was renamed the Catholic University of Madagascar. In 2015, the university opened its first doctoral school, entitled the School of Ethics for Political, Legal, Social, and Human Development (EDHIS-JP).The next year, the Department of Psychology was established, and partnered with the Catholic University of Toulouse.

The Catholic University of Madagascar is divided into four departments: the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the departments of Philosophy, Theology, and Psychology.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is itself divided into three departments: Business and Economics, Law and Political Science, and Applied Social Sciences. The Applied Social Sciences curriculum is the core curriculum for undergraduates’ first two semesters. It offers a Bachelor of Social Sciences Applied to Development, and master’s degrees in Society and Development and Population and Development. The Department of Law and Political Science offers a Bachelor of Law and master’s degrees in public law, private law, business law, political science, international relations.

The Faculty of Social Sciences’ Department of Business and Economics offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics, public economics, management, and business administration. The Business section of the department is partnered with its equivalent department at the Catholic University of Lyon, and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management and business administration. The Economics section is partnered with the Research Institute for Development, the Popinter Laboratory of Paris-Sorbonne University, and the University of Rennes 1. It offers bachelor’s degrees in economics, and master’s degrees in macroeconomics, and public economics.

The Department of Philosophy uses the canonical degree system, awarding the Bachelor of Philosophy and the Licentiate of Philosophy. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Lyon, and participates in teacher exchanges with the University of Milan, the University of Toliara, and the Higher Institute of Theology and Philosophy of Madagascar. In addition, the department maintains research ties with the departments of philosophy at the University of Antananarivo and the University of Toliara.The Department of Theology at UCM educates priests, seminarians, and laypeople. The curriculum is spread over five years, and includes the Bachelor of Sacred Theology and the Licentiate of Sacred Theology. In addition, it provides training for those working in ecclesiastical capacities and also has courses available for those not seeking a degree.

The Department of Psychology offers bachelor’s master’s degrees in psychology. Its motto is: « Respect, Autonomy, Integrity. » The Doctoral School, entitled the School of Ethics for Political, Legal, Social, and Human Development, offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program that abides by international standards. The program lasts three years, and each student is guided by a professor chosen from any of the six academic departments.

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