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Université Catholique la Sapientia de Goma (UCS Goma)

República Democrática del Congo


The Catholic La Sapientia College (ISSA/Goma) is a university structure established by the Diocese of Goma since the academic year 2011-2012. It was authorized to operate by the Ministerial Decree n° 174/MINESU/CAB.MIN/CD / Jan /2011 and has already been operating since October 2011.


The ISSA aims to form elites able to put their knowledge, life skills, expertise and know-how-how to the service of qualitative and quantitative development of the DRC, at the pace of the new technologies of information and communication. Its fruits will work for the social change in their living and/or professional environments thanks to the Christian values which will be imparted to them.


To build up quality education based on values and to promote technical competence and professional conscience.


Aware that an educational project cannot be achieved in one go or by one person, ISSA is willingly guided by this principle based on gradualness of actions taking into account the whole and the fixed horizon. This set consists of the establishment of the institution, recognition of the institution by the State, already effective, the completion of the construction of the campus, in six steps, the equipment, library - media library, workshops and laboratories, training and specialization of its teaching staff, etc.


Development science (Social Communication and Development & Management and Administration of Development Projects)

Management and Administration (Management and Administration of School and Vocational Institutions, Human Resource Management, Health Institutions Management & Environment Management)

Education sciences

Applied Technologies (Electro mechanics, Electronics, Information Technology)

Source: Presentation of the UCS-Goma - UCS-Goma Website