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Holy Family University



Holy Family University is an accredited Catholic, private, co-educational university. The university is under the patronage of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Through various activities and the curriculum, concerted efforts are made to deepen the students’ awareness of the Holy Family as a model for all families and the modern family as an important social unit.

Chartered in 1954, Holy Family boasts a vital history among colleges in the Philadelphia area. The founding of Holy Family College in 1954 by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth marked the culmination of an evolutionary cycle begun in 1934 with the opening of the Holy Family Teacher Training School. During the early years, the college functioned as an affiliate of the Catholic University of America. The graduate programs in education were approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in March 1990, followed by the Nursing and Counseling Psychology programs in 1997, and the Accelerated Business Administration program in 2003. The graduate program in Criminal Justice was approved in 2007. The graduate program in TESOL and Literacy was approved in 2008. The doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Professional Studies was approved in 2010.

Holy Family is the youngest of the four Catholic universities in the city of Philadelphia; the others are Saint Joseph’s, La Salle, and Chestnut Hill College.

Holy Family University is divided into four schools:

Arts and Sciences

Business Administration and Extended Learning


Nursing and Allied Health Professions

The undergraduate student-faculty ratio for the average class is 12:1.

There are degree programs for undergraduate and graduate studies. Undergraduate studies include nursing, criminal justice, education, business, psychology, and communication. Graduate studies include counseling psychology, education, nursing, criminal justice, and an MBA program.

In January 2011, a doctoral program was introduced for those pursuing a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Professional Studies.

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