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Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV)


With a student-centred and comprehensive educational approach, UFV aims to accompany each of its students from the beginning to the end of their studies, while providing them with the necessary support not only to become outstanding professionals in their respective disciplines, but also well-rounded thinkers and leaders able to make significant contributions to society. Equally important are our numerous social responsibility and volunteering programs, offering care and support to 10.000 people in need, while providing a wonderful source of enrichment for our students.


We are an institution whose mission is to motivate and channel the responses and reflections of Spain’s most talented students towards today’s professional and social challenges. Our vision is by the year 2020 to have become the greatest network of academic and professional excellence and a point of reference for national and international companies and institutions.

Our values include a multidisciplinary and comprehensive education, social responsibility and a commitment to excellence. These values are consolidated through the creation of a network based on intellectual plurality, an openness to change, personal interconnectivity and the development of skills such as teamwork, creativity and innovation.

Source: UFV Website

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Étude Campus intégral 2018 - Enquête sur les pratiques et les défis des universités catholiques en matière d’éducation intégrale, d’accompagnement de leurs étudiants, et de réalisation de leur mission universitaire