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University of Saint Joseph (USJ)


The University of Saint Joseph (USJ; Chinese: 聖若瑟大學; Portuguese: Universidade de São José) is a university founded in 1996, previously known as Macau Inter-University Institute (Chinese: 澳門高等校際學院; Portuguese: Instituto Inter-Universitário de Macau; IIUM). It was jointly organized by the Catholic University of Portugal and the Diocese of Macau. It is also connected by structural, academic, and social bonds to the special administrative region of Macau, to Portugal, and to mainland China.

USJ offers a wide range of courses ranging from the humanities to the social and technological sciences. New courses are regularly being added in order to keep pace with the most recent academic and scientific advances in the modern world. There are programs for certificates, diplomas, licentiate (undergraduate/bachelor’s), master’s and doctoral degrees, and also some interesting Language Programs which include the teaching of Putonghua (Mandarin), English, Japanese, French, Russian and Portuguese.

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