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Nanzan University


Nanzan is not so much a single institution as a complex of educational establishments gathered under the organizational umbrella of what is known as Nanzan Gakuen. This educational complex consists of an elementary school and three junior and senior high schools, in addition to the University and its research institutes and campus study centers. All of these institutions were founded either by the Divine Word Missionaries or the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

The Nanzan motto “For Human Dignity” identifies Nanzan as an institution whose point of departure is an interest in the human being and whose goal is a fuller awareness of each person’s God-given dignity.

The Divine Word Missionaries, an international Catholic religious congregation of priests and brothers, are active in education throughout Asia at all levels. Their combined establishments, which include universities in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan, serve a total of more 400,000 students.

Source: Nanzan University Website

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