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Saint Xavier’s College


St. Xavier’s College is an educational institution, which strives to form men and women who will build a more just and humane world. It strives for an intellectual endeavour that focuses on critical and creative thinking, with the aim of social transformation. The College makes a preferential option for the marginalised and it seeks to give an all round formation, inculcating both human and spiritual values. Competence, compassion and commitment are the hallmarks of the human person we seek to encourage.

St. Xavier’s College is only a part of the vast educational efforts in India and throughout the world, of a group of Charitable Trusts called the “Jesuits”. At present this Organisation runs about 100 schools, 24 colleges, and innumerable non-formal and adult education centers in India.

St. Xavier’s believes that the “University” connotes a fundamental autonomy, integrity and honesty of a place of search for truth. Its mission proper is its dedication to research, teaching and the various forms of cultural service, as the indispensable horizon and context for a genuine preservation, renewal and communication of knowledge and human values. The special “Jesuit” character requires that the University act in harmony with the demands of the promotion of a faith in the universal God and in the service of justice.

St. Xavier’s has found ways to apply this both in the lives of students through outreach programmes of mutual contact and service with the poor, and in the central teaching, research and publication aims of the University. The challenge we face is to find new perspectives and new areas for research, teaching and University extension services, by means of which we can contribute to the transformation of society towards more profound levels of justice and freedom.

These goals and objectives are stated clearly in our College Handbook, received by every student at the beginning of the year. They are also stated unambiguously on our website at We highlight them in our College Anthem, the College Magazine and in numerous activities organised by the College.

Source: Website of Saint Xavier’s College

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