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Teaching About Human Mobility

How to Respond to Pope Francis’ Request to Universities and NGOs

In this article, Fr. René M. Micallef reflects on Pope Francis’ invitation to Catholic universities to respond to the situation of today’s migrants and refugees by doing research on the phenomenon, teaching and becoming engaged in social promotion.

After briefly surveying Catholic Social Thought and providing some statistics on human mobility, the article encourages teachers and lecturers (especially in Theology, Philosophy and the Social Sciences) to include this topic in their teaching, and reflects on what to teach and how to teach about human mobility by proposing some elements of a teaching “ethos” from personal experience.

Authors: René Micallef
Date of the document: November 2017
Number of pages: 21
Collection: Jeevadhara Journal, VOL. XLVII, N°282
CIRAD: Education and higher education; States and ideologies
Theme: Higher Education; Human Mobility and Migrations
Origin of the document:
Pontificia Università Gregoriana (PUG)


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