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An Ecological, Integral and Human Observatory supported by the Laudato Si Fund’

Laudato Si’ Fund, Costa Rica

Since 2018, the IFCU created an endowment fund to support academic and social cooperation projects. The Laudato Si’ Fund’s aim is to support the development of human and social sciences research programs in Catholic Higher Education Institutions worldwide.

This year, the board of management of the fund decided to support an integral ecology project implemented by the Laudato Si’ Observatory (OLS) of the Catholic Univerity of Costa Rica. This observatory was created in 2017 following the VIIth Symposium of the Ratzinger Foundation, entitled “Laudato Si’ : Care for Our Common Home, a Necessary Conversion to Human Ecology”.

This observatory has developed a comparative instrument : the Integral Human Development Indicator (IDIH), which allows the assessment of different countries based on integral and human ecology criteria. The reponsible, ethical and moral approach of this tool proves the strong existing correlation between Common Good and Care for our Common Home.

With the aim to promote academical projects with social impact, the Laudato Si Fund will bring support to the OLS for two years in order to publish their work results on a greater scale and help turn global observation work to practical local experiences.