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Renewed and redesigned training offers

Renewed and redesigned training offers
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Given the health crisis that has affected all our activities, IFCU has reviewed its range of training courses in order to respond as quickly as possible to the challenges of distance learning and training, but also to propose updated and rethought training courses in the context of the pandemic.

Thus, very quickly and with the precious help of Catholic Distance University, four (free) training sessions in e-learning were launched. The first 3 sessions were sold out very quickly and we will be opening registrations for the 4th October session at the beginning of September. At the same time, we have also worked to offer the same training in Spanish starting in the autumn. We will keep you informed of the dates and registration procedures at the beginning of September.

Because thinking about the future of our higher education institutions requires the use of new tools, we have thought of offering you two training courses directly related to the future of higher education institutions.

The first in English will take place online and will propose 4 workshop sessions over 5 weeks that will address the issue of business models and their meaning for a higher education institution in today’s context.

In order to assist rectors and staff concerned with governance and strategic planning, IFCU has developed another training programme that presents the advantages of foresight methodologies and emphasizes monitoring and scenario building. This training in English will hopefully take place in Paris on 10 and 11 December 2020.

Because our communication managers have been particularly solicited since the beginning of the health crisis affecting our societies, we have also thought and set up with ALETEIA and in collaboration with the Blanquerna Religion and Media Observatory(Ramon Llull University, Barcelona - Spain), online workshops, in which the participants will be able to share experiences and good practices under the guidance of experts. One session will be particularly dedicated to the issue of Covid-19, universities and their reputation.

In the continuation of the Internationalisation Forum which will take place online on October 12th and 13th, a training session will be jointly proposed by IFCU and our partner ALEAS in November on "risk management". The dates will be communicated to you very soon.

To conclude this presentation of future training courses offered by IFCU, we must underline the important work carried out by CIRAD in the field of University social responsibility and on the implementation of the Newman Benchmark. Thanks to a partnership with the GMAP Center think tank, the Newman Benchmarking Framework is the first of its kind to rely on the use of artificial intelligence in order to offer an evaluation system that is both dynamic and respectful of the context diversity of universities. Access to this evaluation and foresight tool will enable universities to take stock of their current USR performance and obtain solid data that will help them redefine their institutional development strategies.

Providing visibility and quantifiability for their USR policies and practices will allow Catholic universities to promote their singular added value in the higher education landscape.

As a follow-up to this work, IFCU has also set up an online training course in English on the University Social Responsibility (USR). This training, composed of 4 workshops, has a double objective:

a) to accompany the institutional development of universities through an approach aimed at introducing the notion of responsibility in all their services and activities, as well as towards all members of the university community ;

b) to enable universities to make visible and, therefore, enhance the different policies and practices already existing in the field of RSU in order to make them an asset in terms of communication and marketing.

This online training course will take place in January 2021 and we will come back to you to present it in more detail and to open registration. During 2021, IFCU will also offer you training courses related to management, leadership, quality assurance or pastoral work... Online or on site, we wish to be as close as possible to your concerns, to encourage the exchange of good practices between sister institutions and to promote any form of collaboration between you.

Training Offer September 2020 - January 2021

Online Training - Teaching in a Digital World (English)
October 12 – November 6th

The International Federation of Catholic Universities and Catholic Distance University have formed a partnership to offer university faculty a special 4-week course of 10 hours entitled Teaching in a Digital World. Each week will feature CDU faculty presenting various elements of online teaching. The first week will be the theory, research, pedagogy of distance education; the succeeding weeks will be practical techniques of best practices for successfully teaching online including course design, using media, interaction, and student support. IFCU Faculty will have an opportunity to develop a course of their own design on the Canvas learning platform with many opportunities to dialogue with CDU faculty.

"Higher educations at a crossroads - applying foresight and futures studies to explore the future of education post-COVID-19." (English)
September 24 – October 1st – October 8th – October 22nd

This workshop will be made of 3 modules of 2 hours each and a post workshop feedback session.

The modules will present future studies and foresight methodologies together with trends, drivers and uncertainties affecting Higher Education. It will also present and discuss scenarios of post Covid-19 in Higher Education and Business Models for HE institutions.

Fees : 250 euros (IFCU Members) / 350 euros IFCU Non Members

The full program will be available and circultated in the first days of september

Training in Risk Management (English)
November (Dates TBC)

In the continuation of the International Conference "Internationalization and Risks" which will take place Online on October 12th and 13th, our partner ALEAS will propose this training which will focus on the function of "Risk Manager".

The full program will be available in September

4 Workshops in Communication
September 22 – September 29 – October 6th – October 13

The IFCU Executive Training Department jointly with Aleteia and in collaboration with the Blanquerna Observatory on Media, Religion and Culture propose 4 online workshops entirely in English that will allow the participants to showcase and share their experiences and good practices in sessions animated by communication experts coming from the Catholic world (Universities and Media). 4 workshops: 1. How to transfer Research from University to Society. Public Engagement, 2. Reputation, universities and COVID19, 3. Relationship between Journalists and institutions at the Holy See. Open controversies, 4. Crisis in Communication

The full program will be communicated at the beginning of September.

Fees: 150 euros

Applied Foresight Workshop
December 10-11

To assist presidents and all staff members involved in management and strategic planning, IFCU has developed a training program that will introduce tthe benefits of futures studies methodologies, with an emphasis on trend watching and scenario planning. This program will equip participants with innovative tools and concepts that will allow them to develop a clearer vision of possible futures and identify opportunities and ways to mitigate risks.


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University Social Responsibility
12 - 19 - 26 January and 2 February

The objective of this workshop is to enable universities to make visible and, therefore, to valorise the different policies and practices already existing in the field of Social Responsibility in order to make them an asset in terms of communication and marketing. This workshop will be based in particular on the IFCU’s Newman Repository.

The full programme will be communicated in September.