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XX Intermediary General Assembly of the ODUCAL

November 15-17

For the first time, Oducal members met in the city of Salta for the XX Intermediate General Assembly.

During the Assembly, three keynote lectures and four new mechanisms were presented (Global Education Pact, Working Group on Peace and Democracy, Digitalization of Universities, Scientific Research Group) as well as the presentation of the Master’s Degree in Christian Social Leadership.

There will also be a Seminar and Workshop of the Internationalization Network and a presentation by the International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC).

During the first day, in the morning, the activity began with the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Holy Trinity Chapel located in the campus of the Catholic University of Salta. Then, the President of Oducal, Eng. Rodolfo Gallo Cornejo welcomed the participants in the Opening Ceremony of the XX Intermediate General Assembly and gave a speech in which he made special emphasis on understanding that we are here to serve our sister universities and that this is a grace that we should be grateful for and honor.

Isabel Capeloa Gil, Rector of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) and President of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC), also participated in the Opening Ceremony and urged the promotion of a more sustainable and intellectually solid global educational agenda together with a prosperous, egalitarian and inclusive society.

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