Research Metholology and Current and Emerging Trends in the Scientific World

These training programs aim to provide young researchers with a series of tools necessary for the successful development of their careers. They will confront them with current and future trends in research work, especially at the international level, and will provide them with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of research methodology.

Méthodologie de la recherche et nouvelles tendances du monde scientifique - French-speaking edition

Public: Researchers, research engineers, directors of research units, PhD students
Date of the training session: March 13, 2019
Language (s) of training: French
Duration: 2,5 days
Country: Lebanon
Venue of the training session: Université Saint-Joseph


This training will tackle current and emerging trends in research at the international level, including the use of ICTs for research, management of scientific data, evaluation methods of project impact and dissemination of research findings. It will focus on issues such as the digital identity of researchers, the use of social networks for research, research orientations, open scientific data, current methods of research evaluation, responsibility in research, the local/global dilemma, strategies of management and dissemination of results both in the academic world and outside.


Manon Marinière

Program Coordinator

T: +33 (0) 1 44 39 52 26