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The Piper Journal

International Psychology, Practice and Research (Psychologie Internationale, Pratiques Et Recherche - PIPER) is a scientific review with an intercontinental diffusion, whose original articles are written in one of the three following languages: English, Spanish, French. Each article is preceded by a trilingual summary with 5 key words.

The review is available for the whole international university community, especially for researchers of the departments of psychology, but also for any researcher using references taken into account by the review.

It includes different scientific fields, theories and practices in psychology concerning current individual and social problems.

New events

The 6th International Psychology Congress will take place on October 3rd-6th, 2018, at Christ University (Bangalore, India) on the theme “Eastern and Western Psychology: Uniqueness, Diversity and Integration“.

This meeting will promote the sharing of knowledge and experience on important issues of human life, from a psychological point of view, taking into account multiple geographical and cultural contexts, as well as different philosophical traditions

You will find on this link the call for papers: Call for paper

Further information on the registration process is available on the event website:

5th International Congress of the Conference of the Catholic Institutions of Psychology - IFCUP
The child, the robots and the screens. New therapeutic mediations.
Psychologist at school
The New Faces of Propaganda
Talk about Practice. Power of the fiction and therapeutic stories at the time of neurosciences
A-bording the subject. A reflection on the dynamical foundations of psychoanalytical theory and practice.
Self-Image and Voluntary Body Modifications in Women Traders in Abidjan
Psychological processes and entrepreneurial intention among ivorian students
Profile and Coping Strategies of Job Seekers in Abidjan
Perverse games and challenges at the Theatre in a mediated therapeutic group : clinical evidence, reflection and analysis
The Perverse Fiasco
Incestuous fetish child: A deadly route
The status of the perverted act: A case of scarifications
About child perversion
Repair of the Self Processes and Sibling Relationships in the Context of Adoption
Psycho-Ergonomic Approach of Accidents in Private Companies Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Will-­‐training between Religion and Psychology in the Early Twentieth Century
International Psychology, Practice and Research N°8
Press review:
International Psychology, Practice and Research N°5