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Scientific Knowledge About Drugs and their Importance in Prevention and Intervention Programs

From a historical and pharmacological perspective to the different types of relations established between humans and drugs throughout the history of civilization, this article highlights the importance of a deep knowledge of these issues for the design and implementation of prevention campaigns of use/abuse of drugs and of the diverse ways of intervention carried out currently in diverse contexts (school, work, community, among others). All this, with the intention of raising the need that those who make campaigns are real experts on the matter at hand, so these campaigns have more possibilities to have the expected effects, it is indispensable that the ones in charge have a clear and concise knowledge.

Authors: Nicolás Uribe
Date of the document: 2011
Number of pages: 9
Collection: Revista Análisis – Vol. 8, 149-157
ISBN: 0123-6814
Theme: Social and health Issues
Origin of the document:
Universidad Católica Luis Amigó


This article is the result of the joint reflection among Professor Nicolás Uribe and the students who are part of the Course for the Degree on « Drug Dependency and Social Psychology » from the Programme in Psychology at the Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó.

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