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The Psychosocial Context of Alcohol Consumption Among Young Students of a University in the City of Medellín

The overall general objective of this paper is to identify the influence of the sociocultural context of alcohol consumption among university students. With reference to the methodology employed, an interpretative approach has been adopted; the study relies on a qualitative design based on hermeneutics. Focus groups, interviews to college students and bar workers, as well as field observation were the main techniques used. Among the most relevant findings, the study revealed that the beginning of consumption of alcoholic beverages is prior to the start of university life, and it seems that the family plays a role as a facilitator. The university becomes an environment that favors such consumption and there are many manifestations or expressions that point towards a sort of alcoholic culture.

Authors: Gustavo Adolfo Calderón Vallejo, Guillermo A. Castaño Pérez, Víctor Hugo Cano Bedoya, Ángela María Urrea Cuéllar
Date of the document: 2011
Number of pages: 23
Collection: Revista Análisis – Vol. 8, 77-99
ISBN: 0123-6814
Theme: Social and health Issues

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Colombia | Culture and alcohol | Drugs and addiction | Cultural environment | Students