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Consumption of Psychoactive Substances, Causes and Treatments

A Review of Research

Psychoactive substance use is an issue of interest to several health-related disciplines, among which there is psychology. This discipline has dealt with the understanding of etiology, the causes and consequences of addiction, as well as the in-depth study of its treatment. This article consists of a research review on this phenomenon by focusing on its causes and treatment, from the perspective of the cognitive school of psychology. It is expected that this review will encourage researchers to work on new projects that take a look at this phenomenon as a whole.

Authors: Marcela Arana Medina, Luis Felipe Sarmiento Rivera
Date of the document: 2011
Number of pages: 7
Collection: Revista Análisis – Vol. 8, 159-165
ISBN: 0123-6814
Theme: Social and health Issues

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Drugs and addiction | Cultural environment | Academics/Researchers