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Perverse games and challenges at the Theatre in a mediated therapeutic group : clinical evidence, reflection and analysis

This clinical testimony illustrates the risk that therapies go perversely adrift. The analysis of a theatre workshop implemented in a care facility shows that the principle of theatre catharsis can be confronted to some limits: the purgation of phantasms through their expression outside of reality does not prevent each and every perverse leeway. Perverse games on stage exacerbate issues related to transfer and countertransference, so that there is a real risk that therapy turns into perversion. By sharing her thoughts on this singular practice, the author offers directions to prevent the practitioner from such a risk.


Theatre workshop, perversion, transfer, countertransference, clinical analysis

Authors: Béatrice Vandevelde-Pouliquen
Date of the document: 2017
Number of pages: 20
Collection: Piper N°7
ISBN: ISSN 2220-5411
Research: Psychology - IFCUP
Theme: Social and health Issues; More
Origin of the document:
Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)


Dossier « Persversion », Piper N°7

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