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The Perverse Fiasco

In The Seminar VI, the real father takes precedence over the symbolic father who is supposed to register the enjoyment until that moment in universal norms. The singularity of the forms of human enjoyment which appears through each subject’s fantasy is such as we can see, at the end of the Seminar, a rise to the top of perversion « provided that it represents the protestation which becomes a desire at the level of the logic subject in view of the conformisation. » Does Lacan really praise the perversion ? If the perversion index is highlighted by Lacan as a constituent element of the masculine sexuality and if he writes a mathème of the perversion in his text on « Lacan with Sade », could we even talk about a perverse structure as same as we talk about neurosis and psychosis ?

Keywords: fantasy, perversion, structure.

Auteurs : Vincent Benoist
Date du document : 2017
Nombre de pages : 8
Collection : Piper N°7
ISBN : ISSN 2220-5411
Recherches : Psychologie - FIUCUP
Thèmes : Enjeux sociaux et sanitaires; Autres
Origine du document :
Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)


Dossier « Perversion », Piper N°7

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International Psychology, Practice and Research N°7


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