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IFCU EdTech Forum

7-8 June, 2021

International Congress 2019

Aware of the expertise of start-ups, the IFCU proposes two exceptional meetings bringing together start-up managers and academics. This first edition of the IFCU EdTech Forum initiates a more global approach that would be that of a global strategic partnership between the Federation, its member universities and the world of start-ups, with a view to co-constructing the higher education of tomorrow, a collective intelligence approach that needs the expertise of all.

These Forums, in French on June 7 and in English on June 8, will focus on four themes

1. What are the lessons learned from one year of the COVID crisis for Edtechs in higher education? What are the best strategies for universities?
2. Transformation and support for the teaching profession
3. How do Edtechs address/prepare for soft skills?
4. How do Edtechs enable new forms of exams? The example of platforms