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The International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) concludes a strategic partnership with ALÉAS to promote and develop Risk Management in Catholic Universities


Together and over a period of one year, IFCU and Aléas will seek to raise awareness and promote responsible risk management in the field of Catholic higher education, particularly on themes such as internationalization and crisis management in relation to the global pandemic we are experiencing.

In the coming days, this partnership will take concrete form with the organization of a Webinar entitled "How to conduct an effective feedback session following a crisis intervention". Aléas will then be associated with the Online Forum "Internationalization and Risk" organized by IFCU and the Australian Catholic university on October 12 and 13. Aléas will also be a partner of the IFCU General Assembly which will take place from July 23 to 27, 2021 at Boston College. Aléas is also supporting the "World of Catholic Universities" portal created by the Federation in 2020.

The International Federation of Catholic Universities is the first worldwide network of Catholic universities.

Founded in 1924 and recognized by the Holy See in 1949, it brings together more than 230 institutions of higher education around the world and provides six major services to its members: a department of executive training which offers seminars, workshops in areas such as leadership, management, communication, quality assurance, social responsibility, university pastoral care, etc.; the Laudato Si’ Endowment Fund for academic and social projects; the IFCU-CIRAD International Research and Decision Making Center, a tool for promoting scientific cooperation; a Higher Education Foresight Department that seeks to assist university presidents and all members of the management team involved in management and strategic planning to meet the challenges facing higher education in a time of upheaval; a presence in international institutions since 1965 in the UN system, OECD and others; the WCU collaborative platform : the global portal of Catholic universities, which aims to improve the visibility of Catholic universities and to facilitate the building of sustainable partnerships between institutions.

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A high percentage* of travellers face challenging situations abroad such as theft, sexual harassment, hospitalization, disease, mental health difficulties, natural disasters, civil disturbances…

Aléas is the Canadian leader in international mobility risk management: our business is to help Higher Education Institutions (HEI) keep their students, professors, and employees safe while traveling abroad, and to return home safely.

Aléas helps HEI to:

Audit their safety practices to identify which priorities to address to keep their people safe
Provide their travellers with adequate predeparture training to take responsibility for their own health and safety
Implement crisis management protocols to intervene quickly and efficiently
Simulate crisis situations to be better prepared when a crisis strikes
Use Standard Operating Procedures to plan for and react to common occurrences
Identify risks, to reduce the probability of a challenging situations occurring in the field
Keep track of their travellers to provide support as needed

By working with Aléas, Higher Education Institutions ensure the safety of their international activities, protect their reputation, human and financial resources, and preserve their business continuity.

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