Responsabilidad Social de las Universidades
Formacion Continua


June 6-8, 2023

The world market of higher education is facing momentous mutations. The 4th Industrial Revolution and its emerging technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, are posing the greatest contemporary challenge to universities across the globe. Not only does this require far-reaching restructuring efforts on and off our campuses, but the obsolescence or mutation of entire categories of jobs and the ongoing emergence of new ones also compel institutions of higher learning to rethink their educational mission. The ability to understand and assess developing trends and to anticipate future contexts will be key to the capacity of universities to adapt to or simply survive the unprecedented transformations that are underway.

To assist presidents and all staff members involved in management and strategic planning in dealing with these challenges, IFCU has developed a training program that will introduce the benefits of futures studies methodologies, with an emphasis on trend watching and scenario planning. This program will equip participants with innovative tools and concepts that will allow them to develop a clearer vision of possible futures and identify opportunities and ways to mitigate risks.

Active involvement is key to the program, as participants will be called upon to share their own experiences and use their mastery of the tools and methodologies acquired in the program to enrich their vision of the future of their own institution.

This Foresight Training is designed for rectors, vice-rectors, deans and heads of administration and others with senior responsibilities.