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NEW - Specialization in Comparative Theology of Christian Traditions and Ecumenical Studies

Pontifical Gregorian University - Faculty of Theology

The Licentiate in Theology with specialization in Comparative Theology of Christian Traditions and Ecumenical Studies, housed in the Department of Dogmatic Theology, aims to provide a solid and broad platform for the study of the theological tradi-tions of the different Christian denominations, as much as to create, within the Faculty, a space and net-work for ecumenical dialogue.

The core of the specialization programme consists of a series of two-lecturer seminars that focus on the process of joint study and reflection. These seminars combine the expertise of faculty from different denominations with the lived experience of deepening ecumenical relations and understanding through mutual exchange.

Seminars are complemented by a wide range of courses offered by the Department of Dogmatic Theology, the other departments of the Faculty and, especially with regard to the Eastern Christian tradition, by the Pontifical oriental Institute.

In addition, the programme annually offers a 7-day Immersion Course, with the aim of studying on site the history and the reality of another Christian community and forging a network of relationships with its representatives.

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