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REPLAY - Universities and Soft Skills

IFCU Foresight Webinar

Across the world, the field of higher education is undergoing dramatic changes, mainly under the impact of Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance and of Artificial Intelligence. The workplace and employment transformations these technologies are creating compel universities to adapt, and rethink both pedagogical approaches and the very nature of the curricula they offer.

With this in mind, IFCU has established a Higher Education Foresight Department, aimed at providing decision support for presidents and managing teams of member-universities. The department will henceforth publish an annual report on ongoing and future changes affecting and likely to affect the near-term landscape of higher education, professional training and the job market – as AI, automation and robotization are penetrating or even taking over an ever-increasing range of professions and trades.

Dr. Corinne Mellul is IFCU’s Head of Research and concentrates in her work on the transformations of higher education and labor under the impact of technology.

In this webinar dedicated to foresight themes, Corinne Mellul addressed the issue of Universities and Soft Skills.

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